Private Lessons

We recommend complimenting your group experience with private lessons.

If you have a group of friends or business associates that want to learn, try a customized private group lesson. Your group can choose which dance they would like to learn in a casual random basis or with a specific goal in mind.

From a business perspective, custom group classes are also a great way to compliment the development of the team building process.

With Private lessons you:

Have the undivided attention of your instructor

Focus on your specific needs

Can nip bad habits in the bud

Can experience what doing it “right” should feel like

Can learn styles of dance or dance patterns that aren’t taught in group classes

Work at your own pace

Accelerate your learning curve


Group class advantages:

WCS Class 2017 B

Less expensive

You meet others interested in dance

Your leading or following skills improve as you learn to adjust to new partners

The energy and pace of a group class can be inspiring


A 10% discount is given to a block of five or more private lessons purchased and scheduled at one time.

$65/hour for 1-3 people

$95/hour for 4-7 people

$130/hour for 8-13 people

$170/hour for 14 or more people

*Saturday/Sunday surcharge of $10/hour