West Coast Swing


West coast swing is a more modern and relaxed member of the swing family and the official dance of California. It allows for both partners to improvise steps and can be danced to a wide range of musical styles and genres including the 'bluesier' music played at the annual Redwood Coast Music Festival.  It may not be as easy to learn as other styles of dance, but it gives you the same fun and enjoyment with more versatility. If you love dancing, West Coast Swing is a dance that perfectly fits you.

Once you master the five basic step patterns: sugar push, left side pass, underarm (or right side) pass, whip, and starter step, there is freedom to add style, character, and improvisation, making this an extremely versatile and enjoyable dance.  Each partner you encounter will start and engage in a unique conversation with you.  Come enjoy the adventure of West Coast Swing!