Nightclub Two-Step


Nightclub two-step was developed in 1965 by a 15-year-old teen from Whitaker, Illinois named Buddy Schwimmer who was looking for a dance to do to medium to slow tempo songs.   Popular for first dances at weddings, it works best with pop/rock love songs and country ballads, fitting well in small night club floors or expansive ballrooms.

As with many dances, it has evolved and been influenced by both changes in music and dancers who have studied and mastered this dance.  There are two basic step patterns: “rock-replace, side-step, rock-replace” and “side, cross front, side”.   It is a fairly easy dance to learn and fun for both beginner and advanced dancers.  This is one of our featured styles for our "Beginning Ballroom" class on Wednesday evenings, 6:30-7:30 p.m.