Group Classes


Congratulations, you are on the right track to becoming an accomplished social dancer.

  • Are you tired of not being able to accept invitations to dance or be the one to invite others to dance when social occasions call for dancing?
  • Are you social and like to meet people, especially when good music is involved?
  • Do you enjoy the challenge of learning something new?

If this sounds like you, continue and register for a class today!

You can choose a group or private lessons or a combination of both.  While group lessons promote comradery and provide the opportunity to dance with more skilled dancers, private lessons provide personalized attention and instruction.  You can always create a private group lesson with your friends.

If you’re looking for something a little smoother & groovier than East Coast Swing, and prefer dancing to R&B, blues, and/or contemporary music, give West Coast Swing a try. Its smooth and sometimes sexy quality allows for a large range of freedom of expression and lyricism. This allows couples to choose whether to have a "fun" or "intimate" style of dance. Best of all, West Coast Swing can adopt many movements and styles from other dances such as Hustle, Tango, Hip Hop, and Salsa.  The basic form of the dance is moderately challenging.  It generally takes a newcomer 5-8 one-hour lessons to get comfortable dancing the basic patterns.

Work casual is preferred for a social class setting. Dress comfortably in layers as you will warm up as you start to move around. Remember that this is a social activity where you will be touching other people so avoid too much bare skin on the upper body.      

Shoes: bring a pair of smooth-soled shoes that allow you to pivot easily on a variety of surfaces.   It is preferable you do not wear your dance shoes outside so as to avoid tracking in dirt & grit on the dance floor. As to what shoes to buy when the time comes, this is a very personal thing as it is advisable to try the shoes on to make sure they fit your feet well.  Other ideas are  or  

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